Step 8: Details

Finally, let’s fill out the blank spots on your Hero Sheet: we’re talking about Languages, Reputation, Secret Societies and Wounds.


Your Hero usually earns a Reputation over the course of play—unless you purchased an Advantage that lets you  start with some Reputation. Reputation is always a single descriptive word that shows how people generally perceive your Hero. “Honorable” is a great Reputation. So are “Deadly,” “Vengeful,” “Well-Connected.” Reputation adds dice to your roll when it’s appropriate socially: someone who is “Deadly” is likely to intimidate her opposition.


Your character can speak a number of languages equal to his Wits. Since all Heroes start at Wits 2, every Hero can speak Old Théan and his native language. If your Hero’s Wits is higher than 2, you may select additional languages you know at this time. For the most part, most business in Théah is done in Old Théan. It’s the language nearly every Théan knows.

Secret Society

You may, if you wish, join a Secret Society. Joining a Society costs nothing. You gain 2 Favor with your Society, but  you may also find your brethren making demands of you.

Brotherhood of the Coast

Serving under the black flag, these pirates seek freedom and liberty…and a profit from those who would exploit the weak and vulnerable.

The Invisible College

A band of clergy hoping to topple the Inquisition and restore the Church, operating right under the Inquisition’s nose.

Knights of the Rose & Cross

Knights-errant wandering Théah, righting wrongs and meting justice through Heroic quests.


When your Hero takes Wounds, don’t worry too much. After all, they’re just Wounds! Your Hero can fight through a Brute Squad, crash through a skylight or stumble through a fire…and you’ll live to fight another day. But eventually those Wounds can add up.

The Death Spiral

The Death Spiral keeps track of both your regular Wounds and your Dramatic Wounds. Wounds aren't a big deal, but Dramatic Wounds can injure, maim or even kill your Hero. When your Hero takes Wounds, fill in a number of bubbles on the Death Spiral equal to the Wounds he took. If your Hero takes one Wound, you fill in one bubble; if your Hero takes two Wounds, you fill in two bubbles. Keep going, filling in a bubble for each Wound he takes. If you ever fill  in one of the stars (instead of a regular bubble), your Hero takes a Dramatic Wound.

Benefits and Penalties

Each Hero gets the same Death Spiral: four Wounds per Dramatic Wound and four Dramatic Wounds per Hero. Heroes with more physical Skills (like Athletics, Brawl or Weaponry) will take Wounds less often, but all Heroes are pretty tough.

As your Hero takes Wounds (and your Death Spiral fills), you get benefits and penalties  fitting your situation:

  • A Hero with one or more Dramatic Wounds gains 1 Bonus Die on all Risks.
  • A Hero with two or more Dramatic Wounds grants 2 Bonus Dice to any Villain who rolls a Risk against them. (Boo!)
  • A Hero with three or more Dramatic Wounds has exploding 10’s on all Risks they make. This means that if you roll a 10, you immediately add another d10 to your roll.
  • A Hero with four Dramatic Wounds is Helpless. (Boo!)


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